olii e fragranze: segreti di bellezza dal Marocco

Morocco is a country rich in history, blessed with remarkable and varied nature and it is also an inestimable source of body care “secrets”. There are countless natural ingredients and treatments for beauty and well being, here below we list seven of them:
– hammam: a complete ritual which includes exfoliation, bath, hair wash, massage, using important Moroccan ingredients, such as argan oil, black soap and other essential oils. A fantastic boost for circulation, for the elimination of toxins and skin cleansing.
– black African soap, is widely used in many areas of Africa as well as in Morocco. This natural product is rich in vitamin E (extremely important for the skin) with antimicrobial properties.
– rose oil: Moroccan women use fresh rose petals for the creation of a vast array of beauty products, including toning rose water. Rose oil is considered to be one of the most important essential oils due to its soothing properties. Upon application it immediately confers softness and radiance upon the skin.
– green mint tea: mint tea is the perfect beverage, rich in antioxidants to help keep the skin youthful, it also contains caffeine so it can be enjoyed in the morning as a natural, energising pick-me-up.
– green clay: used in beauty masks which deep-cleanse the skin and absorb excess sebum; apart from the face it can also be used on the chest and back area to exfoliate and revitalise skin.
– solid perfume: small coloured blocks which release an exquisite perfume when rubbed against the skin, which lasts all day. Available in jasmine, orange flower, amber, musk, sandalwood and can be used to fragrance wardrobes and bed linen as well.
– argan oil: a symbolic product of Morocco which is obtained from pressing nuts produced by argan trees which are native to and wide spread in the south west of Morocco in the Agadir/ Essaouira area. Argan oil is used in beauty care due to its soothing, moisturising and antioxidant properties.