To enter Morocco you are required to have a passport which is valid for at least 6 months from date of entry into the country; you can even enter with just your identity card if you are part of an organized group of at least 8 people. Stays for tourism may not exceed 3 months; to extend your stay you are required to report to the police within 8 days of arrival so that they may issue you with required documentation.
No vaccinations are required to enter Morocco.
In the spring and summer light clothes are recommended for the day time and a jumper for the evenings, for overnight stays in the mountains you will also need a light jacket. During the winter it gets cold so you should bring your winter jacket. Comfortable shoes are recommended for walking on dirt paths, or sandals in the summer.
Arabic is the official language. French is very widespread.
To phone Italy from Morocco just add the prefix 0039 followed by the city prefix. Phone centres are recommended as costs are relatively low.
Standard electricity supply is at 220 Volts – 50 Hz. Most sockets are two-pronged although three-pronged ones are also common. To avoid inconvenience we recommend that you bring a universal adaptor.
The national dish is cous cous, a dish made from durum wheat semolina served with meat: mutton, beef or chicken, and vegetables. Tajine is the name of the terracotta pan used to cook meat or fish with vegetables. Kefta are skewers of spicy minced meat. The country’s cuisine also features exquisite desserts and mint tea, also known as Moroccan whiskey – absolutely to be tasted.
Moroccan craftsmanship is extensive and ranges from embroidered fabrics and garments, to wood products (radica), silver and gold chains, stones, copper objects, terracotta vases, leather goods, amber, coral and rugs. It is advised to haggle before making a purchase: it is perfectly normal to do so and above all it is fun! Alternatively you can go to artisan centres where prices are on display, so that you can have an idea of how much you ask for at markets for things that you are interested in.